Orca Plant; World’s Largest Machine Capturing Carbon Dioxide from Air

To stop or contain the severe imparts of global warming, there is need to not only minimize emission but also extract and store some carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. an engineered machines ‘Orca Plant’ can assist to remove or extract carbon dioxide from the air. Climeworks has commissioned... Read more »

Singapore Trials Xavier Robots to Patrol public Areas

For the past two decade, Singapore is one of the developed countries in world that are known for having extremely strict laws and surveillance cameras throughout the city-state. With the emergence of new technologies, in the nearest future it will introduce robots that will assist to monitor violators of... Read more »

Hexicon and Aker Offshore Wind to Develop Floating Wind Offshore Sweden

Hexicon and Aker Offshore Wind, a floating offshore wind power engineering firm, have established a new 50-50 joint venture to develop a floating wind turbine offshore in Sweden. The two companies haave appointed formal Swedish Finance Minister Pär Nuder and former Vattenfall executive Mikael Kramer to the Board of... Read more »

Astronomers Explain Origin of Elusive Ultradiffuse Galaxies

As their name implies, Ultradiffuse galaxies, or UDEs, are dwarf galaxies whose stars are spread out over a vast region, resulting in extremely low surface brightness, making them very challenging and difficult to detect. An international team of astronomers in their report has successfully used a sophisticated simulations to... Read more »

Next Generation 3D Printed Catalysts to Propel Hypersonic Flight

Ultra-efficient 3D printed catalysts could assist in solving the challenge of overheating in hypersonic aircraft and offer a revolutionary solution to thermal management across countless industries. Case Study on 3D Printed Catalysts Developed by researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, the highly versatile catalysts are cost-effective to make... Read more »

The All Weather Bike Is a Convertible e-Bike, Techkeda

Since the inception of motor bike, people have been faced one challenges or the other in terms of rain and scorching sun directly hitting on the skin. In most parts of the world, we are already into early autumn and that means, in no distance time, only people who... Read more »

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Gathers Mars Rock Sample for the First Time

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover has succeeded in its second attempt to collect the first Martian rock drill sample for an eventual return to the earth. The agency has released the pictures of the gathered sample. The picture was taken by the Mastcam-Z camera on September 1, 2021 which is... Read more »

SylvanSport & Zeus Combined Forces on 400-mile All-Electric off-road Adventure

The  giant auto-manufacturing company Zeus Electric Chassis and an outdoor segment company SylvanSport have combined effort to manufacture a recreational vehicle with an interior resemblance of a house. Zeus Electric Chassis is a fully configurable class 3-8 electric work truck chassis manufacturer, And SylvanSport is a well known name... Read more »

Floating Motor Turns Iconic Classic Cars into Sleek-Looking Watercrafts

Since the inception of boats, its shapes and sizes varies. With the recent design of iconic classic cars into sleeking watercrafts Floating Motor, boats and cars now share resemblance. A new startup, Floating Motors, a joint venture between Jet Capsule S.r.L., an Italian watercraft builder, and Lazzarini Design Studio,... Read more »

FAA Grounds Virgin Galactic Flight Amidst Investigation into Branson’s Spaceflight

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has grounded Virgin Galactic missions as it investigates an anomaly in the descent of Sir Richard Branson’s recent space flight, which was supposed to mark the company’s entry into the era of space tourism with a bang. The agency wants to be sure... Read more »