4watt bulb

4watts LED For Home Inverter Bulbs; Techkeda.com

People Find it difficult using 60,100,200watts incandescence bulbs on their house hold inverters because of the high power consumption. With the new development in the 4watts LED Inverter Bulbs, one can now apply as many as possible as a result of its low power consumption. This low power usage... Read more »
bluetooth HD-1

The Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Ever (Sennheiser)

There are people who live by listening to music. These people always find it difficult to cope in a noisy environment. So the best thing is for you to get a Bluetooth Headset that will enable you listen to your music any time you wish. And the best Wireless... Read more »
current booster

How to Iron Your Clothes With Generator Using Current Booster.

Over the years, people find it difficult ironing their clothes with generator because of the high current it draws from the generator. With the high current consumption, continuously using it on a generator leads to total breakdown of the generator. But Technology has made it in such a way... Read more »
Wireless Power

wireless phone battery charging; ( Wireless Power Transfer).

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is a device in which one can charge his cell phone without plugging it direct to a charger irrespective of the type of phone charger your phone uses. Now, you won’t have to be stressing yourself looking for phone chargers including your Laptops. Researchers have... Read more »
electromagnet design

Electromagnet Project; How to Design, Construct And Test

An electromagnet is a device that produces magnetism when current or voltage passes through a coil. This leads to a magnet that can be controlled — turned on and off with the flip of a switch, or increased or decreased in strength. The coils are often wound around a... Read more »