Researchers Revitalize Batteries by Recycling Used Lithium-ion Back to Life

Everything that exist has a limited life span, in which lithium-ion and newer lithium-polymer batteries are not exception. They gradually lose their capacity to hold a charge with time. So recycling used lithium-ion battery is important as time goes on in managing waste and bolstering reserves of critical materials.... Read more »

Old Martiki Mine in Kentucky to be Transformed into a 200MW Solar Farm

Savion, a renewable energy company is building the 200MW Solar farm. The 200 megawatts Martin County Solar Project will constructed on a former coal mine on the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. The solar energy generation facility will be stationed on approximately 1,200 acres on the old Martiki... Read more »

Hyundai Transformed an Ioniq 5 EV Prototype into a Large Air Purifier

In every emerging car there is a long development process in which the manufacturers build dozens of samples and preproduction vehicle that is not legally approved to be sold to the public. Some of these prototypes are kept for further development or preservation purposes, but majority of them are... Read more »

U.S- Company Bluetti, Develops World’s First Sodium-ion Solar Generator

A Las Vegas based company Bluetti has developed the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator. The firm specializes in manufacturing portable solar powered generators. The new technology comes with the model NA300, and its compatible battery module, B480. According to Bluetti, its first-generation Sodium-ion battery will bring positive impact in... Read more »

SLAC Building the World’s Brightest X-ray Laser

A group of scientists at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory are building the word’s brightest X-ray Laser. This new technology is called Linac Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II). The innovation could fundamentally change the way we study the building blocks of the universe. Once it is completed and becomes operational,... Read more »

General Atomics, Boeing to Launch 300kW-Class Laser Weapon System for U.S. Army

The use of technology in directed energy weapons, such as laser weapon System and sophisticated high-power microwaves is gaining momentum every year. This has aroused the interest of armed forces across the globe planning on how to shower case them on the battleground. There are varieties of laser systems... Read more »

NRL-built Argon Fluoride Laser to advance fusion energy

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) exploration team is developing an Argon Fluoride laser (ArF), which they say is a promising technology for achieving the high- gain inertial emulsion implosions required for energy product. The wide-bandwidth ultraviolet laser is presently the shortest wavelength ray that can credibly gauge to... Read more »

Seaweed-Like Generator for Harvesting Wave Energy to power Devices

In many littoral areas, the networks of aquatic detectors collect information on water currents, runs, and water quality on a daily bases, with the end of helping navigation and covering the health of the terrain. This kind of “ marine internet of effects” is powered substantially by batteries that... Read more »

Starlab: A Crewed Commercial Space Station Planned Commence Operation in 2027

Lockheed Martin , Voyager, and Nnorack have combined effort to develop the first of it kind free-flying commercial space station. The space station which is known as Starlab is expected to commence its first operational movement in 2027. There is plan by NASA to retire the International Space Station... Read more »

Engineers Developed a Every Small Surfing Robot Inspired by Water-Skimming Insects

Surfing Robot is one of the breakthrough of modern technology. As humans are always seeking for a better way to harness nature to make the world a comfortable place. Innovation has been the utmost priority of  engineers to make a better use of  the physical universe. These innovation includes... Read more »