Resolving the Black Hole ‘Fuzzball or Wormhole’ Argument.

According to research findings, Black holes are really giant Fuzzball. The new discovery tries to put to rest the argument over Stephen Hawking’s famous information paradox, the problem created by Hawking’s conclusion that any object that enters a black hole can never be recovered. The conclusion accorded with the... Read more »

Self-Healing Nanomaterials Usable in Solar Panels and Other Electronic Devices

The evolution of modern technology has taking a new direction with the emergence of a self-healing nanomaterials usable in solar panels and other electronic devices. The field of self-repairing materials is rapidly expanding, and what used to be science fiction might soon become reality, thanks to scientists who developed... Read more »

3D Semiconductor Particles Offer 2D Properties

Researchers have discovered that the junctures at the facet edges of 3D semiconductor particles have 2D properties, which can be leveraged for photoelectrochemical processes — in which light is used to drive chemical reactions — that can boost solar energy conversion technologies. Case Study on 3D Semiconductor Particles When... Read more »

Researchers Discover New Insights About Tau Proteins in People Living with ALS

Investigators found elevated levels of tau and a phosphorylated form of the tau proteins in brain tissue from deceased people who had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and carried a mutation in the C9orf72 gene. The team also identified new genetic mutations in the tau gene that may exacerbate ALS... Read more »

Bioplastics Fertilizer: Bio-Based Polymers Can be Transformed Into Fertilizer

Bio-plastics can be chemically recycled into nitrogen-rich fertilizers in a facile and environmentally friendly way, as recently demonstrated. The development of bioplastics fertilizer pave the way towards sustainable circular systems that simultaneously address issues such as plastic pollution, petrochemical resource depletion, and world hunger. Case Study on Bioplastics Fertilizer... Read more »

On-Water Creation of Conducting MOF Nanosheets

Oil and water do not mix, but what happens where oil and water meet? Or where air meets liquid? Unique reactions occur at these interfaces, which a team of researchers based in Japan used to develop the first successful construction of uniform, on-water conducting mof nanosheets, which is an... Read more »

A New Model Could Help Stall Shifting Sand Dunes, Protecting Infrastructure and Ecosystems

Scientists from University of Cambridge have used down-scaled laboratory models to demonstrate how sand dunes move through a landscape, revealing the conditions that determine whether they will pass through hurdles in their path — like pipelines or walls — or get stopped in their tracks. Case study on Sand... Read more »

A new 3D Printing Frontier: Self-Powered Wearable Devices

When most people think of wearable devices, they think of smart watches, smart glasses, fitness trackers, even smart clothing. These devices, part of a fast-growing market, have two things in common: They all need an external power source, and they all require exacting manufacturing processes. Until now with the... Read more »

Better EV Battery Life Materials Developed; Techkeda

As demand for better and durable electric vehicles batteries increases on daily bases, Researchers have created a method for predicting how changes to manufacturing processes and materials will improve EV battery life. Case Study on EV Battery Life U-M engineers have identified internal resistance, measured immediately after cells are... Read more »

A Huge Step Forward in Using Iron Catalysts for Pharmaceuticals

Iron catalysts have found its application in pharmaceuticals as researchers have developed and characterized a novel, three-component cross-coupling reaction that is a huge step forward in creating effective and practical Iron-reaction that could be used to create pharmaceuticals. Unlike palladium, the transition metal catalyst most often used in industry... Read more »