Astronomers Explain Origin of Elusive Ultradiffuse Galaxies

As their name implies, Ultradiffuse galaxies, or UDEs, are dwarf galaxies whose stars are spread out over a vast region, resulting in extremely low surface brightness, making them very challenging and difficult to detect. An international team of astronomers in their report has successfully used a sophisticated simulations to... Read more »

Next Generation 3D Printed Catalysts to Propel Hypersonic Flight

Ultra-efficient 3D printed catalysts could assist in solving the challenge of overheating in hypersonic aircraft and offer a revolutionary solution to thermal management across countless industries. Case Study on 3D Printed Catalysts Developed by researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, the highly versatile catalysts are cost-effective to make... Read more »

This Sustainable Water Desalination Pod Purifies Seawater for Drinking

Since the creation of the earth and its habitants, man has been faced with challenges of purifying water to make it drinkable with the abundance of water which covers almost 8o% of the earth. While water is the most abundant element on the earth, this makes water desalination pod... Read more »

Latest discovery – A New Species of Chocolate Frog. Techkeda

A team of Researchers at Australia’s Queensland Museum have found a new, adorable frog species in the swampy, lowland forests of New Guinea. Named the “chocolate frog”, in Latin word “Litoria mira”. It has big, cartoonish eyes and its skin is the colour of milk chocolate. The candy-coloured amphibian... Read more »

MIT Researchers Create Programmable Digital Fibre That Can Be Sewn Into Fabrics

A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has invented a concept called digital fibre. A  Fibre material with digital capabilities that can sense, store, analyse, and infer activities after it’s sewn into a shirt. According to Yoel Fink, professor and principal investigator at the Research Laboratory... Read more »

Dark Matter: A New Dimension in The Quest to Understand Dark Matter

As its name suggests, dark matter — material which makes up about 85% of the mass in the universe — emits no light, eluding easy detection. Its properties, too, remain fairly obscure. Now, a theoretical particle physicist have shown how theories positing the existence a new type of force... Read more »

Researchers Discover Gene Linked to Bone Cancer in Children, ID potential novel therapy

Researchers have discovered a gene, OTUD7A, that impacts the development of Ewing sarcoma, a bone cancer that occurs mainly in children. They have also identified a compound that shows potential to block OTUD7A protein activity. Critical relationships between proteins contribute to the development of cancers such as Ewing sarcoma.... Read more »

Electrons Waiting for Their Turn: New Model Explains 3D Quantum Material

Scientists have developed a new understanding of how electrons behave in strong magnetic fields. The new model explains 3D Quantum Material. Their results explain measurements of electric currents in three-dimensional materials that signal a quantum Hall effect – a phenomenon thus far only associated with two-dimensional metals. Case Study... Read more »

Mussels: The secret to stickiness of mussels underwater

Mussel is a small edible bivalve shellfish of the families Unionidae (fresh water Mussels) and Mytilidae (salt water Mussels). Mussels survive by sticking to rocks in the fierce waves or tides underwater. Materials mimicking this underwater adhesion are widely used for skin or bone adhesion, for modifying the surface... Read more »

Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Reservoirs Higher Than Previously Expected

Greenhouse gas emissions are emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change by creating a greenhouse effect in the earth’s atmosphere. A new study shows per-area greenhouse gas emissions from the world’s water reservoirs are around 29% higher than suggested by previous studies, but that practical measures could be... Read more »