Tatamel Bike: Electric Motorbike Foldable Motorcycle Launched ICOMA


A company from Japan called ICOMA has launched a foldable electric motorcycle known as Tatamel Bike (Tatamel Bike in Japanese). The bike is convenient for getting around the city or commuting to work. The portable motorbike has the ability to be folded down into smaller size that can fit under a small office desk. The new technology has solve the problem of looking for where to park your motorbike in your workplace.

Tatamel Bike Design


When folded, the Tatamel Bike measures only 70 cm long, 68 cm tall, and 26 cm wide, so no bigger than a piece of luggage. And when ready to ride, the motorcycle folds out – the seat extends backward, the frame and the handlebar fold out – and measures 123 cm long, 100 cm tall, and 65 cm wide.

It is equipped with a 600-watt motor powered by a 12 Ah lithium-ion phosphate battery, delivering speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph) and an estimated range of up to 50 km (31 miles) on a single charge. The motorcycle also includes a portable power supply, so you can charge your smaller devices on the go.

In addition, the company says its body can be customized to suit your lifestyle. The side panels can be replaced with your favorite colors and materials. You can also add illustrations like a picture frame or attach signage to express your own world. Other features include front and rear suspension, a full LED lighting system, pegs for your feet, and a kickstand.


According to the company, the vehicle is legally classified as a moped (in Japan, at least). So riders should only need a standard driver’s license. The Tatamel Bike currently exists as a fully functioning prototype, and the company is planning on taking it into production. Currently, there is no word on commercial availability and pricing of the bike.


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