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Since the inception of motor bike, people have been faced one challenges or the other in terms of rain and scorching sun directly hitting on the skin. In most parts of the world, we are already into early autumn and that means, in no distance time, only people who are brave riders will still be out on their bikes, not prevented by the pouring cold rain, scorching sun and sharp winds. The people that will continue to ride, will have to recheck reinvest in their cold-weather gear, which means additional expenses with new introduction of an All Weather Bike by a renowned cyclist and entrepreneur.

A German cyclist and entrepreneur Tom Eisner has presented a new convertible All Weather Bike, or AWB, with a specially designed variable weather protection that protects you practically in any weather. Intended as an extensive replacement for the car on short and commuter routes, the e-bike features a metal frame with a plastic film that can be pulled up in 3 seconds for rain protection and retracted in fine weather.


The aluminum frame incorporates two curved beams that arch up over the rider on either side, leaving riders open in favorable weather. When it rains, you can pull a sheet of transparent, tough plastic placed in a closed box in front of the handlebars to shield it. This only takes about three seconds. Once fully pulled up, its top end is latched onto a crossbar then runs between two curved metal beams.

When it stops raining, you simply need to unlatch to let the plastic ship retract back in its roll in the front and feel the breeze on your face again. Basically, it works like the reverse version of the roller blind on a window; it keeps you dry and comfortable without additional bad weather cycling clothes. The developer says the plastic is tough enough to withstand a heavier gust of wind. Leg protection is included through a guard sheet integrated into the downtube.

The All Weather Bike features a Bosch bottom bracket motor and two 750 Wh Bosch Intube batteries that offer it a motor-assisted range of over 100 km (62 miles).

In addition to the rain cover, the All Weather Bike is equipped with a Gates belt drive for minimal maintenance, disk brakes, a weather-protected front cargo rack, which could be substituted for a kid’s seat, rear cargo rack, kickstand, fenders, and adjustable-height saddle. The e-bike is no wider than a regular bicycle, so it can be used everywhere you’d use a regular, non-assisted bike, including in existing bike lanes and city centers.

The AWB is patent pending in Germany and Europe and is protected by European design patents.

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