Floating Motor Turns Iconic Classic Cars into Sleek-Looking Watercrafts


Since the inception of boats, its shapes and sizes varies. With the recent design of iconic classic cars into sleeking watercrafts Floating Motor, boats and cars now share resemblance.

A new startup, Floating Motors, a joint venture between Jet Capsule S.r.L., an Italian watercraft builder, and Lazzarini Design Studio, is looking to change that. It wants to recreate the personal watercraft by reimagining some of the world’s most iconic automobile models as stylish, sleek-looking boats.

Called “Resto-Floating,” the new mechanism is available in different versions and can be fitted into any model to bring some of the most legendary cars on water. The company has a gallery of computer renderings that reproduce the Mini Cooper, Jaguar E-Type, Volkswagen Type 2 minivan, Mercedes-Benz SLS, and other recognizable cars in the form of boats. The minivan even has a deck at the top and a rear hatch that opens, forming a seating area and a diving platform – just like a land camper.

The customers can choose between various models, different lengths, twin hulls (catamaran) or foil configurations, and custom suspension.

Floating Motor Models

The company currently offers five floating models, motorized with zero emissions by single or twin Torqeedo electric engines, producing 40 hp up to 20 hp depending on the selected model. It also plans to offer crafts of various length options, from XS, which ranges from 3 to 3.5 meters (9.8 to 11.4 feet), to XL – which is 6 to 7.5 meters (19.6 to 24.6 feet) long.

Floating Motors says you can use these boats for a variety of purposes. Each model can be used for leisure or becoming a tender, or a private water taxi, or a beach hotel water-shuttle – this would be a great way to get people around water.


Speaking about the prices, the first “La Dolce” founder edition model seems to be the cheapest of the lot, given its performance and size and costs $35,000. For $50,000, you can get a 1% stake in the company and a La Dolce model. The raised capital will be entirely destined to build molds and prototypes related to the planned models that the company intends to launch on the market by the next 2 years.

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