First-generation Pixels Will Receive final update in December


It is a custom now for  Google to be updating their phones with the latest and greatest firmware. The best example would be that of the first-generation Google Pixels smartphone, that recently got an update to Android 10. This was actually a one-year extension from Googles initial two year promise to the OG Pixel. This is a very welcome development  for OG users.

The first-generation of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL did not receive the November update patch, which prompted many to realize that the OG Pixel has fulfilled Google’s promised run of OTA updates for its lifetime.

According to Google spokesperson “In October 2016 at the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL, we announced that the devices would receive two years of software updates and three years of security updates. Pixel and Pixel XL users did not receive the November OTA, but will get one final software update in December that encapsulates a variety of updates from both monthly pushes.”


While Google doesn’t have constant longevity of Apple’s software package updates for their hardware, within the smartphone market, it’s spectacular. Nevertheless, perhaps as a result of it’s software package and updates area unit easier to handle in house. Different makers ought to take cognizance, however in point of fact, they’re most likely not getting to. Then again, take into consideration the fast moving ever growing  smartphone market, there aren’t extremely that a lot of devices out there engineered to last any longer. Well there area unit, except for some reason individuals still feel the necessity to update each 1-2 years.


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