TCL exec Says no Plans for 5G BlackBerry Phone Any Time Soon


BlackBerry was one of the best smartphones years back. At a point there was too many competition in the smartphone industry which nearly kick them off in the market before it was acquired by TCL several years go. With the absence of major exposure and resent models few years back, future BlackeBerry devices will likely remain as affordable midrange offerings.

I don’t see the point of 5G on a BlackBerry,” said TCL’s general manager of marketing, Stefan Streit, during a CCS Insight Predictions event in London.

Adding to his views on 5G network, Streit revealed that the company is considering some other areas in which 5G technologies could be useful: “We can have a lot of fun with 5G and where to apply it – maybe in an 8K TV or a fridge.” He suggested.


On the flipside, TCL will bring affordable 5G devices next year as part of its own brand of phones and the Alcatel lineup. The only details that were given here is that these phones will cost below $600 and will be launched in the second half of next year.

Stefan Streit also reiterated that, in as much as there was no plans for 5G BlackBerry phone Soon, that does not mean that TCL is not investing in smartphone at all. The reasoning is that because there are already so many devices available across the globe, that supply will outweigh demand, leading to widespread price cuts. That, in turn, will encourage further uptake so that, by 2022, adoption of 5G will outpace that of 4G during its first three years.


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