New Pixel 4 Video Shows How Motion Sensor Will Work


Google pixel 4 which is set to be officially launched  middle October 2019 will support a new way to interact with the phone. This newly introduced feature is called Motion Sensor, or hand gestures in the air, to control the device.

According to leaked videos, how pixel 4 Motion Sensor will work has been revealed. Which will help to arose the interest of its audience.

The videos was first published by 9to5Google, you can see how the gestures Google has already described, including snoozing alarms, silencing phone calls and skipping songs, will work.


All you need do you the GIF above, you simply slide your hand across the screen to change the track.

We’ve seen motion controls in smartphones before, most recently in LG’s G8 ThinQ, but air gestures typically feel more like gimmicks than game-changers. With LG’s phone, I had to turn my hand into a claw before it could recognize my gestures.

The reverse is the case when as the leaked Pixel 4 videos show.  You’ll be able to swipe your hand or slide your palm over the device to interact with it, . It will make you to feel more ease compared to LG’s method.

ON October 15 we’ll find out which apps will support Motion Sensor and which gestures will support it. This will be after Google takes the wraps off the Pixel 4 at its Made by Google event in New York.

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