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Technology is continuously improving the standard of living on daily bases. In the past centuries the issue of monitoring babies was a very big challenge to nursing mother. Most especially civil servant mothers were over working combining their job and taking care of their babies. But now, technology has made life easier for mothers to monitor their kids from a distance. With the newly baby monitoring camera, parents can now monitor their kids while far from home.

The most important aspect of this CCTV baby monitor is to monitor the activities the kids while parents their are away. Because most kids behaved funny when their parents are away. This will help you to know the kind of activities they engage in behind. In this article we are going to look into those CCTV Baby Monitors that you can buy. From our research and observations these products has proven to be the best you can think of.

Arlo Baby


Camera Range: 110-to-130-degree field of view | Camera Resolution: 1080p | Handheld Monitor: No | Monitor Size/Weight: N/A | Mobile App: Android, iOS | Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Yes/Yes | Video Recording: Yes


  • Clear video
  • Compact design
  • Easy-to-use and versatile app
  • Setup’s a breeze
  • Some lag between notifications and launching the app

It is a very capable baby monitor that delivers sharp video of your nursery to your smartphone. The Arlo Baby includes features such as night vision, temperature and air quality sensors, a color-changing nightlight and a speaker that can play lullabies. All of this is very easy to manage thanks to a well-designed mobile app.

PRICE: US $ 126.16 

iBaby Monitor M6T


Camera Range: 360-degree pan, 110-degree tilt | Camera Resolution: 720p | Handheld Monitor: No | Monitor Size/Weight: N/A | Mobile App: Android, iOS | Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Yes / Yes | Video Recording: Yes


  • Full 360-degree camera pan
  • User-friendly streaming app
  • MP3-quality music options
  • Attractive pricing
  • Bulbous camera housing a tad large
  • No browser-based streaming option

iBaby’s camera offers the sort of capabilities you’d expect — push-to-talk features to soothe a crying child, motion-triggered photo and video capture, and a 720p HD camera. (A newer version, the M6S, ups the resolution to 1080p.) The M6T also boasts a full-360-degree rotating pan.

The M6T streams to an app on your smartphone, and we found the Wi-Fi-enabled video streaming to be clear, even in low light. The two-way speaker offered above-average audio in all conditions, and we like how we could play lullabies preinstalled on the iBaby mobile app to lull a child to sleep

PRICE: US $158.99

Nanit Plus Baby Monitoring Camera


Camera Range: 95-degree field of view | Camera Resolution: 960p | Handheld Monitor: No | Monitor Size/Weight: N/A | Mobile App: Android, iOS | Temperature/Humidity Sensors: Yes/Yes | Video Recording: Yes


  • High quality camera
  • Excellent app and features
  • Sleep tracking insights based on your baby’s sleep patterns
  • Pricey
  • Must be plugged in to use
  • Travel system does not allow for Insights tracking

When comes to camera quality, you can expect videos in 960p resolution with an aspect ratio optimized to fit in your baby’s crib. We found the images clear and the camera pretty easy to set up. You’ll have to pay up for the Nanit Plus and its sleep tracking features, especially compared to other top baby monitors, but for parents who just want a good night’s sleep, the extra cost may be worth it.

PRICE: US $285.99

Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitoring Camera


Camera Range: 130-degree viewing angle | Camera Resolution: 720p | Handheld Monitor: Yes (audio) | Monitor Size/Weight: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches/2.5 ounces | Mobile App: Android, iOS | Temperature/Humidity Sensors: No/No | Video Recording: Yes


  • Great video quality
  • Very little delay for sound to stream to the two-way audio unit
  • Easy setup
  • No cloud storage fees
  • Occasionally lost Wi-Fi connection
  • Delays in uploading video
  • No humidity or temperature sensors

You’ll get great video quality and an easy-to-setup system with the Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor. But the real reason to consider this device is a helpful portable audio unit you can carry with you that lets you hear what’s going on in the nursery without having to notice and respond to push notifications on your phone. There’s little delay when you use the two-way audio feature, and the portable unit will even flash when the camera detects motion for a helpful visual cue to launch the companion app.

PRICE: US $149.99

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Baby Monitoring Camera is a Technology assisted device to monitor the activities of your children while you are away. So is a welcome development parents who don’t spend much time with their kids and want to know what they do behind them. The above listed ones will help you to do the job. So feel free to buy them and use for your own advantage.

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