Israeli Designed Piston Engine That Runs on Water And Alcohol


While many auto companies are working tirelessly to revolutionize the automobile industry and put in place a zero-pollution transport system using electric cars. A group of engineers from Israel have found an important intermediary step to redirect our focus on total dependent on fossil fuels.

They have developed a mind blowing  engine prototype that runs on water alongside ethanol to help the vehicle produce less pollution and increase fuel efficiency.


The company is called MayMaan Research, LLC, and it has developed a system to operate a traditional piston engine. It is a combination of 70% water and 30% ethanol (or any other alcohol) – no gasoline or diesel required. This revolutionary system can be applied, say its founders, with simple yet sophisticated modifications of existing engine designs, and saves 50% on fuel costs. It produces far fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel, and is up to 60% more efficient than gasoline.

MayMaan Success

MayMaan has built four operating prototypes to date, including a car, a generator and various engines. While the company has outgrown its garage-based origins, and has grown into a research laboratory facility, it remains imbued with a start-up spirit.

MayMaan Staffs


MayMaan is the brainchild of Yehuda Shmueli, 81, a talented inventor, engineer and master mechanic. Assisted by sons Eitan and Doron, and backed by an impressive executive management team. Including Joe Nakash, founder and chairman of Jordache Enterprises; Yedidya Ya’ari, company chairman and former president and CEO of Israel’s Rafael Armament Development Authority; Malcolm Hoenlein, CEO and executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents; and other distinguished individuals,

MayMaan’s disruptive technology plans to revolutionize the world of transportation, from passenger cars, to trucks, locomotives and even ships.

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