iOS 13 Is Here: How to Download and Install It Now


Apple first took the wraps off iOS 13 back in June at its annual developer conference. And if you’ve been waiting out the public beta process so that you could finally install a finished version of iOS 13 on your iPhone, your patience has paid off. iOS 13 arrived on September 19 and is now available for download. The update delivers a number of improvements. But the highlights include a system-wide Dark Mode that flips your screen from light to dark, new versions of Photos, Maps and Reminders that boast their own improvements, and a way to sign in to apps and websites using your Apple login while also preserving your privacy. In this article, we are going to look into how you download  and install the new iOs. And also what to do first before the installation to enable the iOS run smoothly on iphone devices.

Reason to Download iOS 13


The main reason why you should download iOS 13 that, for Apple to be confident enough to release iOS 13 to the public would suggest that this is a pretty polished version. And there has been a three-month-long public beta process to work out any of the kinks in the new features.

That said, bugs invariably make their way into software updates all the time. And if you’re concerned about any uncorrected bugs throttling your productivity, it doesn’t hurt to wait a day or two. If there are problems, you’ll invariably hear about them from other iPhone users, and Apple will rush out a patch that takes care of any true show-stoppers. Apple is apparently planning to release the iPhone 13.1 update, which adds more features, on Sept. 24, so you could also hold off until then.

iPhones That Can Run on iOS 13

You’ll be able to install iOS 13 on an iPhone 6s or later — basically, any phone released by Apple since 2015. That includes the iPhone SE, and iOS 13 runs on the 7th generation iPod touch, too.

iPad owners will have to wait for an OS update. This year, Apple split iOS into two versions — one for the iPhone and one for the iPad with more tablet-centric features. iPadOS 13, which offers many of the same improvements found in iOS 13, ships Sept. 24 — that’s a week earlier than the Sept. 30 Apple announced during the iPhone 11 launch event.

First Thing To Do Before Installing iOS 13


Before installing iOS 13 on your iphone, the first thing to do is to backup your device. And archiving that backup means you’ll be able to jump back to the older version of iOS should this release prove unstable. (Like we said, the odds are low, but it’s always good to have a backup at the ready.

How TO Backup Your Iphone

Bellow is a step by step guideline on how to backup your iphone device before iOS 13 installation.

1. Plug your iOS device into your computer and launch iTunes. Click on the iPhone icon to access your device.


2. Backup your iPhone. Make sure you’ve selected This Computer as the location for the backup and then click Back Up Now.

3. Go to the Preferences Menu and select Devices. You’ll see a list of your last iPhone backups.

4. Control-click on the backup you just made, and on the menu that appears, select Archive. This will prevent subsequent backups from writing over this version.

How to Install iOS 13 from Your iPhone

With a backup in place, you’re finally ready to install iOS 13 on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it over-the-air. (Since this is a big update, you should really do this installation over Wi-Fi, and make sure your iPhone is plugged into a power source.)

1. Tap the Settings app and select General.

2. Select Software Update.

3. iOS 13 should appear there. Tap Download & Install.

4. You’ll be prompted to enter your passcode and then you’ll need to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions.

From there, the iOS 13 update will start downloading. When it’s time to install, your phone will restart. The installation process could take a while, so be patient.

How to Install iOS 13 from iTunes

Since you have to plug in your phone and make a backup anyway when installing a major iOS update, I’ve always found it just easier to run the installation through iTunes. (With iTunes going away in macOS Catalina, this process is likely to change, but it will still work for now with iOS 13.)

1. With your iPhone plugged into your computer, launch iTunes.

2. Click on the iPhone icon near the top of the application window to go to the screen where you can manage your device.

3. Click either Check for Update or Update if iOS 13 is already listed as available.

4. Tap Install when asked if you want to install the download.

5. Agree to Apple’s terms of service. You may be required to enter a passcode on your iPhone or iPad. Once you’ve done this, the software will begin downloading and your device will reboot to start updating.

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