Charging Your Phone Battery Overnight; “The Danger Involve”.


Charging cell phone battery overnight is what most people are guilt of. Because they don’t take time to read through the manufacturer’s instructions. Not only that, over feeding as a human being sometimes exposes the person to some health issues. The some principle is applicable to rechargeable battery. Some people consider cell phone battery to last forever not knowing that as human beings have lifespan so as electronic gadgets, in extension phone batteries. Lifespan can be cut short depending on the handling of the phone battery or other gadgets. Battery of cell phones should be considered to be a living thing that have expiring date. Proper care and handling help in extending the battery lifespan of your phone.

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Phone Battery Life Cycle

People prefer their cell phone to active as long as possible; warranties are invalid if you fiddle with your device. Getting the most out of your battery is increasingly important as most people are uncomfortable with changing the default battery.

The strength of rechargeable batteries weaken slowly or lose some capacity over time, whether in use or not. Through regular use of your device, you will usually notice this capacity drop after the first year. While for most of us, getting through a single day on a single charge is impossible before the two-year mark.

“Battery charge cycles” is how manufacturers specify the life expectancy of a battery. A charge cycle is defined as the battery being charged from 0% to 100% and then discharged back down to 0%. The number of expected charge cycles will tell you how many full cycles the battery can handle before it noticeably starts to lose capacity. So leaving your phone plugged overnight reduces the life cycle of the phone battery which weaken slowly the battery strength.

The cause of Swollen phone battery.


Bulging batteries mean only one thing- buildup of gas inside. The gases are produced due to electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte. Such oxidation occurs usually due to overcharging of the battery due to a faulty battery, or faulty charging electronics in the phone or battery charger.

You should stop using such a battery immediately and dispose it off. Best buy offers battery disposal services.

Remember, li-ion batteries are dangerous and a large buildup of gas will cause them to burst and possibly catch fire, spreading toxic fumes.

When to plug your phone battery

When- to-plug-your-smartphone

It is not advisable to wait till your phone battery. Waiting for the percentage of your battery to get 0% before charging it, is one the factors that contribute to the weakness of the battery. The best thing is to plug the phone in before it asks you to enter a low-power mode; iOS will ask you to turn that on when it is below 20 percent power. Plug it in when the phone is between 30 and 40 percent. It enhances the lifespan of your phone battery and makes the phone to charge faster.

Best Rechargeable Battery; Lithium-ion


Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are used in the majority of today’s rechargeable technology. They are find in mobile phones, vaporizers, laptops, Teslas, and even chainsaws. The most popular Li-Ion battery is the 18650. This battery can take between 300 and 500 full charge cycles before being reduced to roughly 75-80% capacity, when major flaws start developing.

Smartphones and tablets use a variation of the Li-Ion battery, Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Poly). This version of Lithium-Ion batteries is safer, smaller, and charges faster. Otherwise, the same lifespan rules apply to Li-Poly as with any Li-Ion battery.

Using the right charger specification


Smartphones always come with its charger. Phone battery can only accommodate specific input voltage. That is why when you use charger meant for small phones to plug your android phone it either take much to add 1% or it will not power the phone at all.

Two factors determine the charging time, rate of battery. One is Voltage and another one is current. Which is output from charger and input to the battery. Those ratings must be suited with battery requirement. This condition is fulfilled in chargers that comes along with the smartphone.

What affect battery is voltage. Voltage should not be lower or lesser than the battery requires. Charger should have a capacity of producing adequate voltage for the battery within its operated range.
If voltage is output is higher than the battery’s maximum capacity it will blow out your phone. If it is lower than required rate, it wouldn’t charge your phone.

You should learn to turn off phone in the night.

Human beings after day activities you come home to sleep at night. It is also applicable to our cell phone. Some times when the phone is ON for a very long time, it will start malfunctioning. But after you switch off for some time and turn on, it will come back to normal. While you sleep, also allow your electronic gadgets to sleep with you most especially your cell phone. Turn it off in the night improves the effectiveness and lifespan of the phone battery. The battery is what keeps the phone alive so taking good care of the battery helps in proper functions of the phone.

Using your phone while being plugged.


Using your phone while being plugged, two reaction is taking place on the battery simultaneously. The battery is charges and discharges at the same time.  Continuously doing it weakens the strength of the over time. Is better allow the phone to finish charging before using it.

Leaving your smartphone plugged in while using it also leads to temperature increase in the battery. Temperatures below 32 Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) and above 158 Fahrenheit (70 Celsius) will degrade your Li-Ion battery faster. Don’t leave your device in your car on a hot day and don’t put it in your freezer (or in the snow).

Charging your Phone Battery With Power Bank


Most mobile phones need a power bank or wall charger that provides an output voltage of about 5V. The issue, however, is that there are many power banks that are of questionable quality. Power banks can distribute a lower or higher voltage than what is required to charge your cell phone. Using a wrong voltage to charge your mobile phone can cause serious damage to the battery life of your mobile device. Unfortunately, there is hardly any indication to show that a particular power bank is genuine or fake. Even if the output voltage written on it shows the ideal voltage, you should still be skeptical.

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