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From the creation of man, the method of hair cut has witnessed many phase. Initially it was breakables from bottles before the invention of razor blade and knife. Later scissors and manual clipper. Now with the introduction of the electrical version of hair clipper comet the wireless and rechargeable type. Barbers now feel comfortable while barbing. Not only barbing hair, one can now shelve other part of his/her body like nose, ear and eyebrow, which was difficult in the past.


Going wireless is a great idea. wireless hair clippers will provide a wealth of benefits that are not available with alternatives. First and foremost, the rechargeable hair clipper can be utilized anywhere. Especially in a place where there is no steady power supply. It can equally reduce the cost of running barbers shop that uses petrol for generating electricity.

Whether you’re standing outside or resting in front of the mirror, you’ll be able to operate the equipment effectively. You do not need access to a power outlet.

This ensures that rechargeable and wireless models deliver more freedom and maximum convenience.


Choosing the best cordless hair clippers is going to be much more difficult than you could ever imagine. After all, not all clippers are equal. With this in mind, you need to compare your choices and choose the right one for your unique needs.

Best Nose And Ear Hair Clipper 2019

We know just how depressing it is to notice those first pesky hairs sticking out of your nose or ears. Well, it is a thing which happens with aging, and we must deal with the fact that we are growing up. Still, thankfully there are excellent nose trimmers which can quickly and painlessly eradicate this problem.


Best Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Name                                                                            Weight Product                              Dimensions 
Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Hair Clipper            1.7 pounds                                    1 x 1 x 1 inches

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper 79600-2101                          2.2 pounds                                    2.4 x 2 x 7.4 inches

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro                                 1.2 pounds                                    9.8 x 7 x 2.5 inche

Wahl Clipper Color Pro #9649                                      1.4 pounds                                    2.8 x 8 x 9.4 inches

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself                   1.1 pounds                                   8.8 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches

Wahl Professional Designer Clipper                              1.8 pounds                                  12 x 9 x 10 inches

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper                       6.3 pounds                                  4.5 x 13.5 x 10 inche

Conair Rechargeable hair clipper                                  3.4 pounds                                  3.6 x 6.1 x 10.5 inches

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit Review  2 pounds                                     3.1 x 7.2 x 10.5 inches

Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper     1.8 pounds                                   2 x 6 x 4 inches

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Again, there are tons of cordless hair clippers out there. This can make your search for the best one much more difficult than you might initially believe.

To ensure that you get it right, you’ll need to know a few things up front. You’ll also need to consider many factors. Tips for selecting a good clipper will be provided below for your consideration.

Price Range Of Hair Clipper

First and foremost, it would be wise to find out how much you’re going to spend on your clipper. It is possible to find expensive and inexpensive models.

It is true that paying more will often provide you with a better clipper. However, there are some great inexpensive models that will do the trick too.

Therefore, you need to set a budget upfront. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best clipper at the right price and that you do not overspend.

Use Frequency

You also need to consider how often you’re going to be cutting your hair. Are you interested in balding your hair pretty much each and every day?

Or, do you just want to cut your hair once a month or so? You need to know up front because this information can ensure that you make the right choice.

If you’re going to be using the clippers more frequently, you’ll definitely want to spend more and get a better one. However, men who only need to cut their hair one or twice a month might be better off saving their money and buying a cheaper model.


It is important to understand that you’re going to be using your clipper for a lengthy period of time. It can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure that this doesn’t happen. You want a clipper that is going to remain comfortable from start to finish.

The best way to make this happen is by looking for a clipper that features an ergonomic design. This will make a big difference in the long run.

This type of design will perfectly fit the palm of your hand. That will ensure that you’re able to use the clipper comfortably for a long period of time.

Guide Combs

There is no doubt that you’re going to need guide combs. Otherwise, you might cut your hair too low and that is something that you’ll want to avoid. Guide combs will help ensure that you get the perfect length each time.

With this in mind, you need to choose a clipper that comes with plenty of guide

combs. Five might be enough for most men, but more will be even better. If you’re buying a clipper with an adjustable blade, you should make sure that it offers an abundance of length settings.

This will also increase the likelihood that you and someone else will be able to use the clippers.

Hair Clipper Sizes

When attempting to invest in cordless hair clippers, you’ll need to consider all of your options. You also need to make sure that you get the right clipper size.

When you make your investment, you’re going to receive a few guide combs. This is vitally important because the guide combs will determine the length of the finished haircut. you need to familiarize yourself with these sizes so you can know which one is going to be right for your unique needs.

It is also important to understand that the sizes can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Oster clipper sizes vary from .2mm to 13mm in size. The guide combs start at 0 and increase up to 9. With Wahl, you have the UMC or universal multi-cut.

This is a universal blade that comes with pretty much all corded clippers from Wahl. Wahl clipper sizes almost always range from .4mm to 8mm. Again, getting the size right from the start can make a big difference in the long run.

Motor Strength

You’ll also want to pay close attention to the motor’s strength. If the motor is weak, you can pretty much guarantee that the clipper is going to yank on your hair.

This is something that every man will want to avoid. After all, you should have to experience pain when getting a haircut.

This is why you’ll want to choose a clipper with a powerful motor. Make sure that it’ll slice through your hair without any trouble whatsoever.


Weight also is an important factor to take into consideration when attempting to buy a hair clipper for men. it can make a big difference. If the clipper is too heavy, you can pretty much guarantee that it is going to become cumbersome.

That is going to make it very uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. If you want maximum comfort, you’ll definitely want to choose a lighter unit. This might seem like a minor perk, but it could make a big difference in the long run.

Battery Life Hair Clipper

Since you’re buying cordless clippers, you need to put a lot of emphasis on the battery and its quality. After all, you’re going to depend on the battery a great deal.

If the battery’s life is unimpressive, you’re most likely going to hate the clippers. Make sure that you get the longest battery life possible.

This will ensure that you’re able to get the job done right and quick without needing to recharge midway through. It is also a good idea to make sure that the battery can be fully recharged in a short period of time.

This combination will increase the likelihood that you fall in love with your clipper.

Maintenance Requirements

Another thing that you need to consider is the maintenance requirements. Will you need to sharpen the blades? How often do you need to add oil?

If you want more convenience, you should definitely choose a clipper that requires less work on your end. Nevertheless, you should pay close attention to the maintenance requirements.

If you want your clipper to last as long as possible, you need to keep it maintained to the best of your ability.

The Brand

While you’re at it, you’ll want to take the time to learn about the brand. This is really one of the most important factors of all.

You just never know whether or not you can trust a company. With that being said, you should take the time to research the company and its history.

Have they been forced to recall their clippers in the past? Has the company ever gotten into trouble with the Better Business Bureau?

What do previous users have to say about the company? Did they abide by their warranty and fix problems when necessary? Do your research and make sure that you’re only buying clippers from a reputable company.

Rechargeable Hair Clipper Warranty

Last, but certainly not least, it is absolutely vital to pay close attention to the warranty of the clipper before making your investment. This will make a huge difference.

If you do not get a good warranty, there is a good chance that you’re going to be tremendously disappointed in the future. With a good and lengthy warranty, you’ll be able to avoid paying out of pocket again in the future.

The company will fix the problem at hand as long as the warranty is still valid. Suffice to say, it is in your best interest to get the best and longest warranty.

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