Infinix Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro Full Review And Specifications.


Just before we finished celebrating Infinix Hot S3, the first Infinix phone with a Snapdragon chipset, Infinix Mobility launched the long anticipated Infinix Hot 6 & Hot 6 Pro.

They both run on Android 8.0 Oreo and sport some pretty amazing features that give them a flagship appearance. The OS is optimized for a better performance to give you a seamless and good user experience.

Infinix Hot 6 Pro

The devices accommodate true dual SIM and an SD card.  This means that they have available slots for each of your SIM cards and the SD card.

The company tagged the phones “Double Amazing” because they come with dual back cameras that produce truly admirable pictures.

The only differences between Infinix Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro are the RAM and ROM. Read on to get the specifics.

Talking about the better part of the Hot 6 series which is the Hot 6 Pro and it packs some new improvements. Although there’s not much of a difference between the two smartphones with the only highlight being the bigger display and the replacement of the MediaTek SoC for a Qualcomm one. Hot 6 Pro offers new features seen in smartphones of late like facial recognition, 18:9 aspect ratio, dual camera to mention a few.  Join us to ascertain how much of a Pro version of the Hot 6 smartphone really is.

Specification Hot 6/ Hot 6 Pro 

Performance                      Quad core

Display                                        6.0″(15.24cm)

Storage                                       32 GB

Camera                                       13MP + 2MP

Battery                                        4000mAh

RAM                                           2GB/3GB

The price of Infinix Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro vary from country to country depending on its demand.

Country                                        Storage/Model                                   Price

USA                                         Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                        $136.99/$157.99

London                                   Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                          105.48/121.65

India                                       Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                          9,527/10,895

Nigeria                                   Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                          49,300/56,900

Ghana                                     Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                           704/822

South Africa                            Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                         1,964/2,265

Kenya                                     Infinx Hot 6/Hot 6 Pro                         Ksh 13,699/Ksh 15,799

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Infinix products are one of the leading products in cell phone industries. They are user friendly and affordable. It will also make one to appreciate science and technology. With the newly introduced specifications, infinix hot 6 and hot 6 pro is amazing. It is a phone with nice design and light weighted. Go out and make yourself with infinix products.

Welcome to the world of Infinix Smartphones.

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