FIFA 2020 Latest update; All you need to know,

It is now a tradition for FIFA to introduce yearly football game. FIFA 2020 news is starting to flood in thick and fast. Here, you will find out information you need to know concerning the game. That is, from the best player ratings to all of the trailers.

FIFA 20 release date

Fifa 2020 Release Date

As with last year’s game – FIFA 2020 will be released on the Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The release date this year will fall out September 27th. As with every year, early access (by pre-order) will give those with the cash early access to the game on September 24th. We should expect to see the first trailer for FIFA 2020 at E3 in June this year.

EA Sports arguably played their strongest hand last year – unveiling the return of the Champions League.
But with The Journey now at an end, calls from fans to improve the much-loved Career Mode and a host of gameplay issues, the Vancouver-based dev team have their work cut out to deliver.

Qualities to Expect in FIFA 2020.

  • Dynamic weather
  • Virtual Reality  weather
  • Sound
  • Career Mode
  • Adjust ticket prices
  • Player / Manager career  ticket prices

Yep, in FIFA 13 you could play as both a player and a manager in the same season.

You can buy or sell players, just like a manager, but when it came to match day, you could put yourself in the team – which was a fantastic touch.

Add a Club Creator mode

This would be amazing – imagine being able to create your own club. You would have complete control over everything – kit design, ticket sales and staff and player well being. One fan, Futmentor, has even drafted up how the menu would look.

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